It has been half a century now that Germany called for "guest workers" from Turkey. Debates about the integration of immigrants and their descendants or its alleged rejection dominated the media for a long time. Today immigration statistics are retrograde. In 2012 around 30.000 persons with Turkish origin left the country. What motivates them to migrate (again) in different phases of their life? How do they perceive life in Turkey compared to Germany? What do they expect?

"Hadi Tschüss" is a film about people whose heart is torn between the two countries - German virtues, Turkish warmth and the chance to get the best out of both cultures. Apart from the German integration debate Münnever, Ruhan, Emine, Derya and Necip talk in "Hadi Tschüss" about their personal "crossing of boundaries" between Germany and Turkey.

Münevver | has lived 27 years in Munich.

Only 20 years old the young teacher Münevver had to make a difficult decision. Because she told her students about communism, Marx and Engels, she was persecuted for "working against the state". The only way out was to leave the country. She went to Germany and worked many years as a family therapist. 15 years ago the turning point: She resigns and since then she runs a pension in the small village of Sirinçe in the province of Izmir. Home was calling her.

Ruhan | has lived 27 years in Ingolstadt.

When he was a child, a rascal as he says, Ruhan moved with his family to Ingolstadt. In his Bavarian home he became a machine fitter and became successful professionally as an insurance manager. In the beginning of the 1990s compassionate grounds, curiosity and a lucrative job offer pulled him to Turkey. With Backland he fulfilled a dream: he sells black bread, "Kirschtorte", Linzer Plätzchen and a bit of German lifestyle. Sometimes he thinks with melancholy of his former German home which he might try to keep alive in his memory with his shop.

Emine | has lived 40 years in Baden-Baden.

Born in Yugoslavia Emine Erçolak moved to Turkey with her family and migrated to Germany only a few years later. In Germany she worked in a canteen kitchen in Baden-Baden, started a family and built up a moderate level of prosperity. As comfortable as she feels in Germany, at the begin of retirement age she moves her main place of residence after 40 years in Germany again back to Turkey, a decision which was taken long ago as she says.

Derya | has lived 33 years in Berlin.

As she was born and raised in Berlin the 33 year old Derya knows Turkey only from holidays. Being part of the second generation of the former guest workers she asks herself: How would it be to live in the country of my parents? As an owner of two passports Derya has the luxury to decide on her own where she wants to live. Being located in Izmir since October the graduated business economist wants to try her luck on the Turkish labor market.

Necip | has lived 13 years in Düsseldorf.

The small holiday resort Güzelçamli is home to Necip Ecer and his parents for more than 30 years now. His German mother and his Turkish father decided to leave the Ruhr district to start a new life in Turkey. Necip runs a little pension similar to a small farm, being surrounded by vegetables, fruits and herbs and provides an accommodation for backpackers. The eloquent nature lover became a contact point for German retirees in the region. Until now he never felt the desire to return to Germany.

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